The Chips

Anytime is a good time for a familiar taste from home. Our varieties of homestyle potato chips arrive fresh and are always prepared with the finest care. Mrs. Fisher's original potato chips are homestyle, thick-sliced potato chips, guaranteed fresh to your door. We also have barbecue, french onion, cheddar sour cream, and dark flavor available for you to try! If you're a fan of the regular style but want to try something new; try our Rippled chips!


Spudnik is our pride and joy behind receiving potatoes on a weekly basis, and in actuality where our whole operation starts. Operating with a three-tier conveyor system, we bring in roughly 50,000 pounds of potatoes out of a semi with our spud extracting giant, called SPUDNIK. The potatoes undergo close inspection procedures and will next be moved onto the peeling process.

Dark Chips

Ever find a slightly burnt or brown chip in a bag of potato chips? That’s about how our dark chip looks, only there’s an actual process behind producing the chip! We use a different type of potato – an Idaho potato – opposed to the regular spuds we cook with. Here’s what happens: the sugar content is just a tad higher in the Russet Potatoes, so when we cook the potatoes that extra bit of sugar causes caramelization in the chip giving it that burnt or brown appearance and a rich and crispy taste of its own.

The dark chip came into existence the same time that Mark and Roma Hailman became the owners of the business. In the past, a potato with higher sugar content would occasionally sneak its way into a load of spuds we were receiving and get cooked into a bag of regular potato chips. Since the dark chip was an odd ball it was thrown out and was not thought of to be a desired chip; however, Mark and Roma chose to pursue this dark chip and began cooking and selling them as an individual product. The dark chip was born!

Having a party or looking for smaller sizes?

Load up on 1.25 ounce bags to go with your lunches or are looking to impress your guests with a 4-pound tub, you can order right here online to satisfy your needs.

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